Welcome to our site where you will learn more about home decor and tip to have a beautiful home to rest and have fun with family members. They both love everything about the home. We decorate, renovate and other home-related beautification. We created this site to share what we love. To provide our readers to get unstuck when it comes to creating a home that you love. And to help them to keep on keeping on, and to take one decision at a time.

One idea that we want to share is about tiles for home. Because we know that tiles are one material that will enhance the beauty of a home.

Our Story

Diane and Wilma both a wife and a mother who does not want to have a tired house but a beautiful place for family. They are friends who help each other to create more ideas to change each area of the house to a cozy place. They are not a professional designer but they love to create things. Their husband and children are their fans and encourage us. That is why they create this site to inspire and encourage more wife around the world. Hence, being a wife and a mother is not just a home person.

A while ago it was said that one reason to make a beautiful home is to have a beautiful tile. Bathroom floor tiles ideas are one way to make the room beautiful. We have some research about tiles especially ceramic floor tiles because this is more durable and with different beautiful designs. Hence, we keep on searching for the best store where we can buy a cheap ceramic tile but the quality is still good. With all of these ideas, we do not stop creating more ideas for home improvements and the best materials to use from.